Hine family – lifestyle newborn

Hello again!

I knew I was going to love this session before it even began, and after about minutes into it with that sweet baby girl already sleeping soundly in her outfit, I knew she was going to be that rare 10% of babes that is just an angel their entire session.  Plus look at these people… I mean seriously, they couldn’t be more beautiful??  And thats not even the best part.  The best part was the absolutely beautiful connection between the 3 of them.  There was so much love, joy, excitment and pride in the room it was tangible and it was just such an honor for me to be able to document it all.  It always is.  This part of my job NEVER gets old.  Never.  I wish I was better with words and could adequately express how much it means to me to be able to play this part in such an incredibly important and sacred part of your lives.  Hopefully the images say it all.

Thank you Hine family.  See you in 6 months (Hooray for first year packages!)




Fackrell Family with Samantha Kelly

Oh friends…

This may be, no, this is definitely one of my favorite sessions ever.  For so many reasons.  Lets talk about it.  I’ve wanted to do a session like this for so very long and that I got to shoot it alongside the oozing with talent, film shooting Samantha Kelley, I mean, it was magic in every way possible for me.  An in home, real real lifestyle session.  A leave the dishes in the sink, toys and clothes on the floor, everyday mess alone and lets show everyone how beautiful that mess really is.  Kylee had to really trust us that the messes needed to stay, her kids needed to wear whatever they wanted, and it had to be real, and that we would make that all something truly beautiful.  And I think we did.  This home was full of so much love and character and life it just couldn’t be anything but beautiful.  Embrace your mess Momma’s.  Your “every days” really are magic.  Doesn’t mean you can’t have frustrating, mundane, tear your hair out days (Ive had several this week), just remember on those days deep down inside you, that even those days are magic because they are days with your babies and they are fleeting.

Now to my fellow photographers.  I say this.  DO this.  Get together with another photographer sometime and shoot together.  I’m telling you, shooting with Sam was nothing but inspiring for me.  We had such an incredible aura going on.  It was all about encouraging each other, appreciating our differences and finding real joy in the beauty the other was capturing.  Not one single grain of competition existed.  Not one.  I think we both grew and improved and learned and best of all, made a really awesome new friend and colleague.  We may have ended up hanging out at a magical river with our babies all afternoon after this shoot.  I feel so blessed we all came together and made this happen.  I’ve never felt so creatively refreshed.

So here you have it.  And the best part?  You get to see it TWICE!  I love love love Sam’s take on this.  Find her post here.  I love how completely different we saw and captured things.  I just love it all.

Caperton Family

Hello all

Meet the Caperton family.  When I work with a client for the first time and they show up to their shoot with a bag of cinnamon chip bread and jam for me, I know right away we are gonna get along.  It took us all about 10 minutes and 1 play of Uptown Funk before this session got really comfortable and really fun.  Those teenagers relaxed, Mom and Dad let loose and laughed, and baby girl did her thang.  It truly was so much fun to photograph them in this beautiful location, with amazing color and light.  The whole session just filled me.  Hope it does the same for you.

I love my job.  So much.

Light and Life Workshop


I am SO thrilled to announce this years Summer Workshop.  Light & Life.

This year I wanted to really focus on the things I do best.  Finding the light and creating life and emotion in my images.  I want my clients to feel something when they look at their images.  It’s something that bring me so much satisfaction and joy to know that I have created something that can carry so much feeling for my clients.  This is what I would like to teach.

The workshop will take place on August 29th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It will be a half day course from about 3-10pm.  Why so late??  Just look at the picture above.  I want to teach you how to use that amazing setting sun.  We will also be shooting in my natural light studio in downtown SLC to work on interacting with clients to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to capture true emotion.  We will shoot, we will eat, we will learn, we will laugh and it WILL be a good time.  Guaranteed.

Email me via the CONTACT tab to get on the pre-registration email list.  You will be the first to know all the details and when registration opens.

Hope I see you there.

Lochlyn – 1 year


A girl only gets to turn 1 once and little miss Lochlyn did it up right.  She was one of the best little toddlers I have ever shot.  She was so happy and completely cooperative the whole time, which is SO abnormal.  I’m used to some major melting down at this age, so to have such a happy camper for the whole hour was just bliss.

Happy Birthday pretty lady.