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Tate Family

The Tate Family

Guys, I needed this tonight.  Today was a crap day.  A self inflicted one.  The day started 2 hours earlier than my body wants to start, and I let that rule my day.  Today I felt like I failed as a Momma.  I was cranky, short and down right mean, and when I feel like I am failing as a Momma, I feel like I fail at everything, because being a Momma is everything.  I questioned everything today.  Everything I do.  Lets blame a little of the dramatics on some pregnant hormones, because I know I was way over the top.  It’s still a terrible feeling though.

Thankfully, this session was up on the chopping block.  And it kinda saved me.  Is it technically perfect?  Not even close.  But what is perfect is this family and the amazing connection, joy and love between them.  You can feel it when you look at these.  I felt it big time and it brought me back to a very much needed reality.  This is everything folks.  Your family and the love you share is everything.  Even on the bad days, my babies still love me and I still love them with the most incredible love there is.  They won’t remember this bad Momma day tomorrow.  In fact they probably forgot about it by the time I kissed them goodnight.  Because that kind of love really does conquer all.  My kids seem to keep that much clearer than I do sometimes.

Sorry for the sap.  Just had to put these feelings into the universe.  Squeeze those you love.

Patten Family

Hot digitty dog, 2 blog posts in 2 days!  This is a miracle.

Really, I just LOVED these last two sessions so dang much, I was thrilled to finally get them finished and posted.  This poor blog so rarely gets updated and don’t be surprised if this is the last update you see in the next couple of months, life gets nuts in the Fall.  Anyway, knowing I would’t get the opportunity again, I’ve been hustling my buns and letting my kids watch entirely too much TV in order to get this done.  Bam.

This is the Patten Family.  I ADORE them.  Like really really adore them.  I’ve just gotten to know Erica in the past year and I just think the world of her.  She’s the sweetest, most down to earth girl, who seems oblivious to how gorgeous she and her little family really are.  And their style?  I could die.  Anyway, so we’ve been planning this session pretty much since we met.  Finally nailed down what we wanted to do and when over the Spring… aaaaand 3 or 4 reschedules including me in my horrible pregnant sickness, then Erica being sick, plus several rain outs, 3 months after the original session date, it finally happened, and it was worth the wait.  Every minute of it.  This family could not have been more fun for me to photograph.  Those little girls… I wanted to take all 3 of them home with me.  The weather was absolute perfection.  It was just magic.  Every bit of it.



Johnson Fam

Alright friends.  Lets talk about this session.  You will not see anything like this one anywhere here.  I think I’m known for light, bright, happy images.  I love that look, always will, but this one was different.  My brothers wife  (one of my 3 favorite sister in laws), and I have wanted to do a session like this for a long, long time.  It’s just never happened for one reason or another.  I know Fergi pretty well, and thought I knew what she wanted, and I knew it was the opposite of what I normally do, and I was really really excited at that idea.  I always LOVE moody, darker, completely unscripted sessions.  I always look and admire and in the back of my mind wonder if I love it that much, if I could do it.  If I could pull that off.  I just needed the right client for the job, and my dearest little Johnson Family was the perfect fit. And so it was.  I shot this completely different than I normally would.  I worked light totally different.  The edit was different.  It was so so unscripted.  I shot it exactly how I WANTED to shoot it.  I didn’t worry about a lot of the technical aspects I usually worry about.  I loved it.  It was so unbelievably refreshing and inspiring.  I could go for a lot more sessions like this.  And of course my bright and happy sessions.:)

Handy kids

Poor little blog.  Instagram is kinda taking over these days isn’t it?  I really need to do better at keeping this up.   I have so many dozens of sessions that should be shared but time is never on my side and that darn Instagram is so quick and easy.  I can do better though.  I will.

I had a hard time choosing a session to post today, but this one won me over.  Not because it’s an amazing session, because it’s really very simple, but that’s why I love it.  I have been photographing this little family for I think about 3 years now, when little Griffin was just a new babe.  I have LOVED watching the two older boys grow up and then having little baby James come and join the party.  Kallie had purchased a first year package (one of my most popular buys… you won’t regret it), and when she told me what she wanted for this last session I was SO thrilled.  She wanted true lifestyle.  Her kids doing what they do every day, playing in their back yard, being goofy, wild boys, being themselves.  I loved it before we even started, and it was probably one of the easiest, most enjoyable shoots I have done.  We literally just played in the yard and I documented.  Just as it should be if you ask me.  I love how well you can see their personalities and that we have now captured forever the memories that these boys will always have of the fun summer days at their home.  It means something and I think that is just the best.

Happy summer everyone.  It’s ending so fast.