My girl

My Soph.

My wild child.  Spunky, crazy, full of life and adorableness.  I could eat her up.  We went in to the studio while big brother was at school today to do a few test shots for my upcoming Valentine mini sessions and came out 10 minutes later with these treasures that so accurately show my girls great big personality.   Now if only I can get her brother on board to be a Valentine… for some reason he did not want to participate.  Boys.  I’ll get him one of these days.

Besides these pictures being adorable.  I also wanted to show my clients what can be done in such a short time if you just let your kids be themselves.  Let them run and play and be silly.  They will have fun, you will have fun, and you might even catch some real, genuine smiles.  It can happen.

Dawson – birth story


Since baby is still #1 on my mind, I thought I would share this beautiful birth story.

World, meet baby Dawson.  This little man wasn’t easy to come by for his parents, but I think it’s safe to say he was well worth the wait.  Lauren’s delivery was just about as good as it gets other than her progressing so quickly I was in a panic I wasn’t going to get there in time.  Thankfully little man held out just long enough and I was able to capture all of the most important moments.

Births are just amazing.  They are stressful for me.  They are impossible to plan for, almost never go as you “expect”, often keep me up all night or at a hospital all day, they are difficult.  BUT… my goodness they are good.  There is nothing quite like being present for something so sacred and unbelievably important.  It means SO much to me, and looking through a completed birth, watching the story unfold again, takes me right back to that amazing time and the goal is to take you all there as well.

Thanks again Brett and Lauren for having me there.

Harris Family

I’m sick and cold and fantasizing about warm, blue skies and air I dare breathe.  So I’m posting a summer session.

I loved this darling little family.  Those kiddos were so sweet and adorable.  It was also a bit of a difficult session with full sun and zero shade, but sometimes the hard ones are worth the extra work.   It’s all about working with what you’ve got and making it rock.  In this case, embracing the full sun, and carefully placing my subjects and sun, made for some seriously beautiful color and light. Or maybe its just me. Haha.  Never know.  Either way though, you’ll at least feel warm looking.

Come one Summertime.  I’m ready for you.

Black Friday Deals

Here it is friends!  The one and only time you will ever see anything close to these prices.  Don’t miss it.

Tate Family

The Tate Family

Guys, I needed this tonight.  Today was a crap day.  A self inflicted one.  The day started 2 hours earlier than my body wants to start, and I let that rule my day.  Today I felt like I failed as a Momma.  I was cranky, short and down right mean, and when I feel like I am failing as a Momma, I feel like I fail at everything, because being a Momma is everything.  I questioned everything today.  Everything I do.  Lets blame a little of the dramatics on some pregnant hormones, because I know I was way over the top.  It’s still a terrible feeling though.

Thankfully, this session was up on the chopping block.  And it kinda saved me.  Is it technically perfect?  Not even close.  But what is perfect is this family and the amazing connection, joy and love between them.  You can feel it when you look at these.  I felt it big time and it brought me back to a very much needed reality.  This is everything folks.  Your family and the love you share is everything.  Even on the bad days, my babies still love me and I still love them with the most incredible love there is.  They won’t remember this bad Momma day tomorrow.  In fact they probably forgot about it by the time I kissed them goodnight.  Because that kind of love really does conquer all.  My kids seem to keep that much clearer than I do sometimes.

Sorry for the sap.  Just had to put these feelings into the universe.  Squeeze those you love.