Bell Family

This family.  They’ve got my heart.  I first started working with them a couple of years ago and it’s so funny to me that their first session was at the very tail end of my Fall season, a time when I am DONE.  So tired and burned out.  I shot their session on my way out of town, heading south.  I looked horrible, felt horrible, it was freezing, I just wanted to get on the road and was so far from enthusiastic about this shoot for those reasons.

Then I met them.  I liked them right away and immediately felt “in the mood”.  Their session went good and we have had several more since and I’ve loved them more and more every time.  Such darling girls with polar opposite personalities of sassy and sweet, and their Momma I now consider a dear friend that I absolutely adore.  My job is one that has brought so many wonderful people into my life and man I do not take that gift lightly.

And this session… it took my breath away.  The light and location and the spot on personalities that were documented make my heart just burst.

Thanks always Bell family.  See you soon.

Ursua Family

Well with the new year in full swing, I’m working on my goal to get more of my work posted here so I’m reaching way back to last summer when some of my favorite sessions were shot.  There’s so many different sessions to come and I know it’s going to fill me right up to finally share them in their entirety instead of little snippets here and there on Instagram.  Photography is about telling a story, and that’s a tough thing to do “here and there”.

Meet the Ursua family.  Yeah they are for real.  Not models.  Such gorgeous people and as sweet and kind and genuine as they come.  We ventured to one of my very places up high high in the mountains for this session and it stole my heart with the perfect family, gorgeous light and a stunning sun set to finish it off.  Hope it steals yours too.

Family Camping Session

Before I get into this gorgeous session… can we all give me a little smack on the face for how awesome I’ve done at blogging this year?  Good grief.  JULY?  I last blogged in July?!  Man… I’ll be honest, in the craziness of life and business, that Instagram is just so quick and easy sometimes that I’ve really fallen back on that as good enough, but the truth is, it’s not.  Each session tells a STORY.  And the whole story cannot be told in an image posted here or there.  That’s what a blog is made for, to tell a story.  New Years goal for me is to set aside time every single week to blog.  I have dozens and dozens and dozens of sessions I want to share and new ones coming in all the time so I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I can do that.

Alright, here we go.  If you follow my work, you know this family.  I don’t mean to play favorites with what I blog, because I LOVE my clients, all of them.  But this family quite literally is family for me, and my dear friend Danna ALWAYS has a great new idea for her pictures, and I can’t pass up sharing.

This family loves to camp.  That’s their thing.  They love to pack up their little camper on the weekends and head wherever they want to head.  I love that sense of careless adventure they have and I wish I had more of it.  We wanted to make this shoot as real as possible so I had no idea what they were wearing, what we’d be doing, they just told me where to meet them and I met them there to document.  It was FREEZING cold.  And in Southern Utah, that’s saying something.  But the cool part was that no one cared.  Everyone was dressed in warm, comfy camping attire, they snuggled together made hot chocolate, a fire, all the things they would have done whether I was there or not, and I am absolutely in love with what came of it.  I hope you feel the same, and I hope you’ll bring me along to hang with your family doing your thing sometime.

Hine family – lifestyle newborn

Hello again!

I knew I was going to love this session before it even began, and after about minutes into it with that sweet baby girl already sleeping soundly in her outfit, I knew she was going to be that rare 10% of babes that is just an angel their entire session.  Plus look at these people… I mean seriously, they couldn’t be more beautiful??  And thats not even the best part.  The best part was the absolutely beautiful connection between the 3 of them.  There was so much love, joy, excitment and pride in the room it was tangible and it was just such an honor for me to be able to document it all.  It always is.  This part of my job NEVER gets old.  Never.  I wish I was better with words and could adequately express how much it means to me to be able to play this part in such an incredibly important and sacred part of your lives.  Hopefully the images say it all.

Thank you Hine family.  See you in 6 months (Hooray for first year packages!)




Fackrell Family with Samantha Kelly

Oh friends…

This may be, no, this is definitely one of my favorite sessions ever.  For so many reasons.  Lets talk about it.  I’ve wanted to do a session like this for so very long and that I got to shoot it alongside the oozing with talent, film shooting Samantha Kelley, I mean, it was magic in every way possible for me.  An in home, real real lifestyle session.  A leave the dishes in the sink, toys and clothes on the floor, everyday mess alone and lets show everyone how beautiful that mess really is.  Kylee had to really trust us that the messes needed to stay, her kids needed to wear whatever they wanted, and it had to be real, and that we would make that all something truly beautiful.  And I think we did.  This home was full of so much love and character and life it just couldn’t be anything but beautiful.  Embrace your mess Momma’s.  Your “every days” really are magic.  Doesn’t mean you can’t have frustrating, mundane, tear your hair out days (Ive had several this week), just remember on those days deep down inside you, that even those days are magic because they are days with your babies and they are fleeting.

Now to my fellow photographers.  I say this.  DO this.  Get together with another photographer sometime and shoot together.  I’m telling you, shooting with Sam was nothing but inspiring for me.  We had such an incredible aura going on.  It was all about encouraging each other, appreciating our differences and finding real joy in the beauty the other was capturing.  Not one single grain of competition existed.  Not one.  I think we both grew and improved and learned and best of all, made a really awesome new friend and colleague.  We may have ended up hanging out at a magical river with our babies all afternoon after this shoot.  I feel so blessed we all came together and made this happen.  I’ve never felt so creatively refreshed.

So here you have it.  And the best part?  You get to see it TWICE!  I love love love Sam’s take on this.  Find her post here.  I love how completely different we saw and captured things.  I just love it all.